Simply Springtime Bundle

Simply Springtime Bundle

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Fancy trying all 5 scents in our LIMITED EDITION Spring Scents range?

Grab our Spring Scents bundle with all 5 gorgeous scents for only £13 - the ultimate way to create a gorgeous spring aroma

Each of our Spring scents have been carefully selected for you to ensure every aspect of this beautiful season is captured within one bundle

This bundle includes:

2 Springtime Butterfly Melts - A fresh green herbal fragrance with lemon, basil and thyme enriched by green leaves, pine needle, rose and lily resting on a clean base of dry flowers

1 Bluebell Woods Mini Melt - The fresh scent of gorgeous spring walks through the woods. A rich floral accord of bluebells & hyacinth, enhanced with notes of galbanum, rose and jasmine

1 Nectarine & Lemon Blossom Chunky Snap Bar - A fresh melt opening with top notes of green leaves & sweet orange, followed by a floral heart of honeysuckle, orange blossom & fruity peach

1 Easter Bunny Chunky Snap Bar - The sweet fruity scent of raspberry, strawberry & citrus jelly beans all resting on a based of sweet vanilla, an irresistible aroma of chewy sweets, reminiscent of childhood memories

5 Chocolate Egg Hearts in NEW resealable bags - A delightful mouth watering fragrance composed of delicious chocolate notes enlivened by touches of sticky honey & sweet vanilla

To avoid any spillage we advise to start with a small amount of any melt & add more if needed