RSPCA Paw Prints

RSPCA Paw Prints

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Those who follow us on social media will know how much we love our animals

An animal is another member of the family, one that needs & deserves love & care. Unfortunately many animals don't receive this and can end up being abandoned, given up or abused

Luckily charities such as the RSPCA dedicate all their efforts into helping save animals and rescue them from these situations. Last year alone they looked into more than 130,700 complaints about animals suffering!

This work NEEDS to continue and to help with this we have created our RSPCA Paw Prints

You will receive 3 paw prints which will each be in the scent Happy Ever After - A delightful scent of fresh fluffy vanilla sponge, lashings of sweet pink icing and sprinkles of sugar.

From the sales we are fundraising in aid of the RSPCA & 100% off all profits made will be donated to the RSPCA

Our aim is that sales off the Happy Ever After Paw Prints will help give an animal its Happy Ever After

Registered Charity Number - 219099 

We stand with the RSPCA's clear message - WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANIMAL ABUSE

For more information on the RSPCA & their AMAZING work visit their website:

*3 paw prints will have an average weight of 40g*