Mini Snap Bar Bundle Deal No.4

Mini Snap Bar Bundle Deal No.4

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Can't decide which scents you would like? No worries, try one of our Bundle Deals! Each bundle contains 6 mini snap bars, one scent from each of our collections

Bundle Deal No.4 contains

Sweet Pea from the Floral range

Black Pomegranate from the Perfume range

Watermelon from the Fruit range

Pink Sands from the Fresh range

Le Male from the Aftershave range

Lemon Sherbet from the Sweet range

This is the perfect for those wanting to try a range of different scents

Each snap bar is made up of 8 mini squares and has an average weight of 20g

An average burner can hold 1-2 squares however please be aware that this will vary depending on the size of the burner. To avoid spillage, start with a small amount and more can be added if needed

*These scents are pre-set and cannot be changed, exchanged or replaced with any other scents. No refunds or exchanges will be given unless all 6 snap bars fall under the returns policy - therefore refund cannot be given on part of the deal*